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It's true that the devil is in the details. The challenge of building a 'new' log home is lessoned by using natural logs. By natural we mean hand-hewn. Cut by hand over a century ago.  The imperfections Walden's big heart-wood logs were made by a man holding his adz. Not a machine calculating how to space a make-believe slash.


Check out the mortise pocket in the natural hand-hewn post above. Originally a tenon (a pronged end of a log) fit right in that pocket, thus the term mortise-and-tenon construction. The little round piece that goes across is the peg that secured the tenon. Also look at the slash marks along the left side of the post. Yep, made by an adz (a long handled axe) held by a man, over a hundred years ago.


What looks like two rustic doors above the wood box above is actually one large door. Made of weathered barnwood, the door swings open and latches on the perpendicular wall, revealing a big-screen TV.

(Which is state-of-the art and HUGE.) Notice the tobacco poles used to balance out the cabinet extension - the new TV didn't fit in the cabinet!


This bathroom door was made of weathered barnwood, and the handle is a crooked Rhododenron branch.

The bannister of this natural log home is made from old tobacco poles. They were used in barns for drying tobacco leaves, and are stained dark from the nicotine.

These dovetail corners were renotched by hand, almost 150 years after they were originally notched. By  hand. Notice the dense rings in the heart wood? You can't find that in new growth timbers.


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