Antique Beams

Hewn on all four sides over one hundred years ago, these antique beams provide beauty as well as support. They can serve as structural components or be purely decorative.

From the most formal homes to a hand-hewn log cabin, these gorgeous hand-hewn beams and posts give unmatched character to any style of home. They contrast beautifully with a polished, traditional interior, and can actually bring integrity to sheet rock!

They are lovely as exposed rafters, exposed floor joists, structural beams or mantles. They can also be split and used as decorative accents on vaulted ceilings, or for that matter, any ceiling. Their beauty is unparalleled by any imitation.

These beams shout of history. They were hewn by hand with only an axe over 100 years ago. The bark and soft outter wood were shaved off of all four sides, again with only an axe, leaving the dense heartwood.

These beautiful beams are similar to our log home logs except they

are hewn on all four sides, instead of just two. Loaded with character, these beams make a nice addition to any home. They come in different species of wood and different lengths. Sizes vary from roughly 6'x 6' up to 12'x 12'.

Check out our photo gallery. Specific houses in our photo gallery have used these in the interior for suppost posts for a kitchen island (Brow Lake and Mckaig), mantles (almost all) and almost every other purpose.


Hand Hewn On 4 Sides

Now that you've seen the finished product, take a look at the materials before they've reached the final stages.

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