Are "Green" Logs Cost Effective?

First of all, the logs aren't green at all in the traditional sense. They have actually been aged for over a century, and all the settling and moving common with new logs occurred some time in the 1800's. Our logs are very 'green' in the modern sense, in that they are the ultimate in recycling. Basically, instead of carving out yet another global footprint for a new house, we are using one that was already made long ago. We reuse the logs that were felled in another time, making Walden the forerunner in "Green Building".

Pricewise, building an antique log home with our 'green logs' should be comparable to any other custom homebuilder, whether it is a log home or any other type of conventional home. And as far as energy-efficiency goes, Walden Log Homes are at the top.

Are Antique Logs Energy-Efficient?

The insulation is outstanding, as our logs are about 6" thick on average, making the R value very good starting out. We insulate between the logs with wire and insulation, then chink with our own special mixture of mortar and cement, making a very authentic look and weather-tight seal.

This antique log home was constructed from logs predating the Revolutionary War. Some of them have faces measuring 30 inches.

Though the prices are comparable, the quality and history of our product is priceless. It is truly like purchasing a piece of American history.

How Does Walden Build These Homes?

These logs were hand-hewned by the craftsmen of the frontier era and were chosen from the largest, densest trees in the forest. They were all hewn from heart wood, and the soft bark and outter wood was hewn away.

The logs we find were once the homes and farm buildings for American families on the frontier. Again, all of the logs we use at Walden Log Homes were hewn by hand from original heart wood. These relics of forgotten American history were abandoned and forgotten as the families later moved on. Many of these original log homes have been covered with siding, making the salvaged logs exceptionally protected from the elements.

We locate these gems in their original settings and begin the restoration process so that they can be brought back to life and once again enjoyed by a new generation.
We number the logs before the disassemble process, then erect the structure in our log yard on Lookout Mountain. We renotch the corners by hand, and assemble the structure according to plan. Then we take it down again, and bring it to where ever the new home will be built. Our crew puts the log structure up on it's new foundation, and viola! A piece of American history is preserved, and you can sleep well at night knowing that not only are you and your family are enjoying a fine antique log home, but are doing your part to preserve our environment.

Pricing On Our Logs

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