A Not-So Rustic Kitchen

A rustic log home is one thing. A rustic kitchen is another. The trick is making the kitchen look like it belongs with the hand-hewn beams (or log columns) and beautiful old logs and gleaming, original heart pine that makes a Walden Log Home a, well, Walden Log Home. Log home kitchen design is as important as the house plan you chose in the first place. You could juxtapose stainless steel and granite and industrial finishes, and the contrast is interesting. But this particular kitchen blends in seamlessly with the timeless appeal of a cabin home.


Perfection is in the Details!!

What makes this kitchen so perfect?

This log home kitchen is ideal for entertaining, be it a few extra family members or a large-scale, full-fledged extravaganza!


Notice how much room there is on either side of the bar? Anchored by a 12”x12” hand-hewn 'oak post' on either end, this bar stands 42” tall and is the perfect height for a buffet (not to mention the occasional science project or scrapbooking session).



This bar that separates this log home kitchen from the living room is packed with storage. Barnwood cabinets are on the living room side, and the cabinets match the kitchen on the other side.


These counter tops are reclaimed wood, heart pine actually, and were cut from the dense cores of Longleaf Yellow Pines about a hundred years ago. They were treated with Tung oil a few times after installation, and now they are rubbed down with Howard Feed N Wax a few times a year. Or less. The wood counters are durable, but easy on the elbows, and glassware!


The stove is in the second island so the cook can chat with whoever is sidled up on the other side at the same time he or she is scrambling eggs. Or watch Oprah reruns on the big screen TV in the living room.


The kitchen sink is under a big window. A must for maintaining your mellow when scrubbing burnt egg off the skillet.


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